Friday 16 January 2009

Using Blogger's new Import Blog function to import an RSS-based blog

[UPDATE: I've released the code that I referred to below as a GitHub Gist.]

I've been playing with Blogger's Import Blog feature , made available in Blogger in Draft last year.

Google explicitly state that only Blogger exported blogs are supported. Blogger exports its blogs in Atom format. I thought perhaps that I could convert an RSS feed to Atom and then import that into Blogger and thereby move some old non-Blogger blogs over to Blogger.

Alas, no joy! The Blogger Import tool is quite fussy about its Atom. For example, if you export a blog in Atom format, and then run that through an XML formatting tool and re-import, you'll find that Blogger complains about the uploaded file.

However, I've kept at it, and now have a simple script that can take an RSS feed and convert it to an Atom format that Blogger seems happy with. It's not quite there -- a few posts are silently dropped for reasons I haven't figured out yet. I'm toying with the idea of eventually releasing it. Of course, I'm not the only one .


Thursday 15 January 2009

Oh! Look! Time_t party coming!

At 10:30:31 on Friday the 14th of February this year (Sydney time) the UNIX epoch time will be "1234567890".

Time for a time_t party !