Monday 5 November 2012

So here's some code then...

Well, as "reboots" go that was extraordinarily short-lived.

So a while ago I wrote a post about converting RSS to Atom to feed into Blogger. A few people have left comments over the years, asking for the code. For a while there I wanted to clean it up first, then I forgot about it, then I lost it, and now that I've found it I remember why I wanted to clean it up first!

Note to future employers: this code was just for testing. I have much better code for you to judge me on!

Since I'm not going to get to cleaning it up any time soon, here is the code that will convert an RSS feed to Atom for importing into Blogger.


This worked once upon a time. I haven't tested it with Blogger since I wrote it a few years ago. Such perverse XML formatting hijinks may no longer be required.

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