Sunday 11 May 2008

Mental Detox Week (redux)

Mental Detox week was 21 - 27 April but I missed it completely (despite being an Adbusters subscriber). So Kate Carruthers and some of her friends (including me) are doing a Mental Detox week from May 12 to 17. Which isn't actually a full week but baby steps people, baby steps.

Given that I'll still be working I'll still need to use a computer. But
  • No IM
  • No personal e-mail
  • No Facebook (that one will be easy)
  • No iPod (that one will be hard)
  • No TV, radio or Google Reader.
  • And no Twitter.
Don't watch TV anyway and the radio sucks but not sure what the policy is on the print version of newspapers. Not reading my RSS feeds in Google Reader leaves me with the feeling that I might "miss something." What if they announce the next Google App Engine next week? On the other hand, real news can put that kind of event into perspective.

In hindsight it was pointless to commit to this during a working week. There's still an awful lot of noise to deal with at work. Next time I'll try this kind of electronic-blackout during annual leave but I'm committed now so...

See you in a week. :-)

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