Friday 16 May 2008

Notes on "Mental Detox"

So apparently of three that set out I was the only one to make it to Friday, which is not even a full week. For shame Kate, for shame. :-)

In the 5 days during my self imposed personal net exile:
  • I clocked up a modest amount of spam (219 messages), mailing list messages (184 conversations) and personal e-mail.
  • There were 634 RSS items in Google Reader.
  • There were 19 podcasts downloaded by iTunes.
And I learned:
  • That I don't miss, like or need Facebook. But it seems rude to delete my account...
  • That I follow far too many total freakin' strangers on Twitter. I need some Twitter Equilibrium :-)
  • I have too many RSS feeds that don't really tell me anything I need to know.
Well. Just some random notes from no-one of consequence. Seriously, why are you reading this?

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