Thursday 8 May 2008

Method and Approach to the Evaluation

I think we learn best by doing. I learn best by doing. So I'm going to attempt to build an application in some of the frameworks I'm looking at.

The application will need to be
  • Small: Nothing too fancy -- the point is to learn a little about web development with a given framework, not solve an actual real problem. That will come later.
  • Well understood: In order to concentrate on learning the framework, I'm not going to try and solve the Travelling Salesman problem in O(1) time.
  • Non-trivial: Despite the above, it will need to be a bit more fancy than "Hello World." It should require persistent data storage, authentication and do something vaguely useful.
So, if I develop the same application over and over again in different frameworks each time I hope to get roughly comparable results.

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