Wednesday 14 November 2012

Rough Cuts: Cut

I had a few posts here titled "rough cuts." They were essentially unstructured drafts that were just brain dumps. As such they seldom made much sense.

So I've removed them from here (really I just marked them as "revert to draft").

Update: I've moved them over to my Tumblr page.

What's a Rough Cut?

"Rough Cut" is the term used on Safari Books to indicate a draft book. I like the idea -- authors get feedback on early drafts prior to publication and readers get an early look at a coming book.

But here "rough cut" means "unfinished thought or unpolished post" -- it's thinking out loud and really only meant to help me sort out things in my head.

[This posted published 14 November was edited 26 November to add the "What's a Rough Cut?" text. Edited again to remove the actual text as well as the 2 other "rough cut" posts. Updated 16 December to point to Tumblr tagged pages.]

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